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I hadn't updated my Will in years, and so much of our lives has changed since then - job, family, and where we live. I dreaded the thought of doing it all over again, but 12Law.com made it easy to start and complete. Best of all, the finished product was more comprehensive and clear than the Will I had before.
Adam H., Waco, TX

12Law Customer

Searching for an easy and affordable Last Will has always been a scary task for me. I wanted to secure my family's future, but was unable to find an easy solution. 12Law.com has both of these in one simple website, and the guides explained all my legal options.
Brandon B., San Francisco, CA

12Law Customer

I've spent over 10 years in the mortgage business and always stressed the importance of having a Will. The trouble has been the expense and trying to find an attorney new homeowners feel comfortable with. 12Law.com has solved both issues. I now recommend this site to friends and clients.
Jeff M., Franklin, TN

12Law Customer

I'd been putting off doing a health directive. The 12Law.com version was simple and easy to complete, and the end product was highly readable. The fill-in feature made it a breeze. I will now be doing one for my wife.
Rusty A., Greenville, SC

12Law Customer

We just made a Last Will and Testament for ourselves on 12Law.com. I thought the site was extremely easy to use. We have been putting off getting a Last Will done for years -- we can finally check that off our to-do list!
Elaine F., North Ridgeville, OH

12Law Customer

I was skeptical of a website being able to produce a customized legal document by asking a series of questions, but you guys really have done it. The process was easy and it created everything I need without paying an attorney.
Shane E., Old Hickory, TN

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A Last Will & Testament tells your family members and the courts who should inherit your assets after you die. Since a Will reduces family disagreements and saves court costs, it is an important legal document every person should have. This Legal Package contains three different legal documents to help protect your family and estate: a Last Will & Testament document, an Assets & Accounts List document, and a Disposing of Bodily Remains document.    Learn More

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A Power of Attorney document gives a third party the right to act on behalf of the person signing the document. It is often used to grant a family member or trusted friend the power to sign documents, access bank accounts, buy or sell property, etc. This Legal Document Package contains three different legal documents for creating and ending Power of Attorney privileges: a Durable Power of Attorney document, a Limited Power of Attorney document, and a Power of Attorney Revoking document.    Learn More

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Prepare in advance for a variety of health-emergency situations by giving specific details and instructions about your healthcare wishes to your friends and family with a Living Will. This Legal Document Package contains four different legal documents to protect you and your wishes in a variety of medical situations: a Living Will and Advanced Healthcare Directive document, a HIPAA Medical Information Release Form, a Power of Attorney document, and Disposing of Bodily Remains document.    Learn More
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