Legal & Valid Documents

Highly-experienced attorneys write the legal content at 12Law. Our website combines the language and laws of your U.S. state with the answers you give to our step-by-step questions. The result is a custom PDF legal document that you can print immediately, guaranteed valid according to your state laws.

Secure Data & Personal Information Kept Private

When you enter information into our document system, that data is kept confidential, encrypted, safe and secure. Comprehensive security protocols and 256-bit encryption protect your account information and the legal answers you provide for your legal documents. And we never sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party.

Money-Back Guarantee

12Law stands behind its legal content in all 50 states. We offer this no-nonsense, guarantee to every customer:

The 12Law Money-Back Guarantee - In the extremely rare circumstance that a document is completed and submitted as instructed but the legal content was not accepted by a court or government agency, simply send us the statement from the court or government agency via email or fax. We will correct the legal document and have it ready for you to re-print within 24 hours after being notified of the issue (excluding weekends & holidays when our office is closed). If we fail to correct the legal document for you within these 24 hours, we will automatically refund the original purchase price (either the "buy now" price or one month's membership price, per original purchase) AND still make the document correction available to you as soon as possible to re-submit. We stand behind our legal document content and our word to make it right!

If your document was rejected because an answer you provided to the website's step-by-step legal questions was improper or because the document was not used as directed for the legal situation outlined, 12Law may provide some guidance for these issues. We want you to succeed! But remember, we cannot answer any of the questions asked by the document system for you, we cannot offer suggestions on using a document in a way never directed or intended, and we cannot provide any legal advice to you in any way.


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