Why We Built 12Law

Since 2002, the team behind 12Law's legal content has sold almost one million downloadable legal documents. But we wanted to make legal help even simpler and more affordable.

Easy to Understand. First, we got rid of all the confusing technical terms and legal mumbo-jumbo and built a simple legal website that anyone could understand and use.

Instant Documents Specific to Your State. Next, we created a new technology that asks you the exact legal questions for your U.S. state in a simple, step-by-step manner. Then we deliver your finished legal documents immediately to your computer or mobile device, ready for you to print and sign.

Better Legal Content. Our attorneys created brand-new legal content specifically for the new 12Law system, covering even more sub-topics and personal situations.

Beautiful Designs. Finally, our designers re-imagined the look of the documents, crafting crisp new page sets using beautiful fonts, clean structures, and strong headers.

The result: custom-quality legal documents from an incredibly easy-to-use web-based system. Step-by-step simple. State-specific. Instant legal documents.

The 12Law Team
Nashville, TN USA


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